Art Hop News and Events

September 21, 2017 Art Hop Events

4. Lillians
251 Front Street, Suite 4 • 719.488.3550
Laurra Fitzgerald, local artist and musician, whose unique jewelry designs are inspired by her music. Laurra also specializes in Precious Metal Clays..

5. The Posh Pineapple
251 Front Street, Suite 9 • 719.487.2866
Come browse through local artist Vicki Mynhier’s “inspired” oil paintings.

7. The Love Shop
251 Front Street, Suite 13• 719.598.3348
Special guest, Carla Willis, who makes baskets using an ancient American Indian art, Coiled Basketry. They are beautiful and one of a kind. Refreshments served.

8. La Casa Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
230 Front Street • 719.481.1234
Try our grilled shrimp tacos, served on corn tortillas, mango pineapple salsa, cabbage and secret sauce. Yum!

10. Bliss Studio and Gallery
243 Washington Street • 719.244.8992
Presenting the infamous J.Miller String Band. Featuring artists working in steel, glass, jewelry, ceramics and mixed media.

11. Covered Treasures Bookstore
Corner of Second & Washington •
David P. Wagner will sign his latest title in his Rick Montoya Mystery series, Return to Umbria and Kevin Wolf will sign his mystery, Homeplace. Refreshments will be served.

12. Santa Fe Trail Jewelry
106 Second Street • 719.481.0250
Celebrating local artists this month, Claudia Dimidek and Janet Sellers will share their inspiration with you..

13. Bella Casa
155 Second Street • 719.559.4133
The perfect season finale, our favorite band Loose Connection returns to entertain with all their best classic tunes. Sing along or dance on the deck, enjoy wine and good times.

14. ACT II
245 North Jefferson Street • 719.487.3268
Thrifting for the holidays . . . so many wonderful DIY ideas for decorating and gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Also open the night of Art Hop:

1. Little Sprouts Learning Center
77 Third Street • 719.434.7374

3. Monument Design Studio & Boutique
251 Front Street, Suite 3 • 719.344.8598

6. A Second Time Around
251 Front Street, Suite 12 • 719.354.4384

9. The Bistro on 2nd
65 Second Street • 719.481.8822

15. The Village Merchants
155 North Jefferson Street • 719.375.5438

Closed the night of Art Hop:

2. Purple Mountain Jewelry
47 Third Street, Unit C • 719.487.0444